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“Cyber Secure” Panel – Information Security in San Antonio

Cybersecurity is a “buzz” word that many do not truly understand. As information leaks and corporation hacks continue to flood major news network headlines, individuals from all fields of industry are quickly becoming aware of its importance and many are learning to become the front line defenders of all the precious zeros and ones businesses and organizations hold dear.

San Antonio is one of the largest cybersecurity hubs in the nation with an array of companies and organizations dedicated to preventing, defending and educating all those connected to digital devices.  Hallmark University recently hosted a panel on cybersecurity called “Cyber Secure” where a number of security specialists from the San Antonio metropolitan area came and discussed information security at the university’s main campus. All the panelists who spoke at the event are specialists in the information security field and directly work with government and private organizations on their digital infrastructure and preventative measures.

We, the audience, were fortunate to have such an experienced array of panelists who productively answered and elaborated on a number of cybersecurity “hot” topics.  Panelists included San Antonio Chamber of Commerce Vice President of Cyber Security Will Garrett, Senior Cyber Security Analyst for IP Secure Robert Hehman, CEO of Red Knight LLC Jason “Red” Thomas, and Chief Security Officer of Barricade Security Systems Jeff Reich. Each panelist received an allotted amount of time to answer a number of pressing questions related to cybersecurity and the direct impact on private and public industries.

Questions answered at the panel included:

“What should be the government’s roles(s) in securing/protecting the critical infrastructures and private sectors networks from attack?”

“How would the security & stability of the Internet be affected if the single, authoritative root were to be replaced by a multiple root structure?”

“How are domestic & international standards impacting the process of how entities are addressing IT system security planning & delivery?”

Cybersecurity is one of the most important industries in today’s society and we at Hallmark University continue to support student aspirations to become elite security specialists. Hallmark University offers an accelerated information security program that teaches individuals how to defend digital networks and prevent catastrophic cyber attacks. In 28 months, students can earn their bachelor of science degree in information systems along with industry required certifications.

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