The Office of Student Life and Development is the point of contact for formal student complaints/grievances and resolves and/or forwards all submissions to the appropriate university department for further action.
We take every concern very seriously and work diligently to resolve every issue in an effective, thorough, and quick manner. Our students are our priority and we aim to provide them with the best educational experience possible.

Student Complaint/Grievance Procedure

Hallmark University has created a formal system to facilitate the resolution of any concern or issue with Hallmark University, including the process of recruitment and enrollment, the educational process, financial matters, placement assistance, and Title IX violations.  If you are not satisfied with the results, you have the right to pursue further action through arbitration.


  1. Any concerns should be addressed informally with your classroom instructor, or if it is not an instructional issue, with the appropriate Hallmark University staff member. In many cases, issues are resolved at this informal level.
  2. If concerns are not resolved, a formal dispute resolution process begins by presenting a written description of your complaint to the Office of Student Life and Development. If you are an online student, email the completed Hallmark University complaint form to
  • Using the Hallmark University Complaint Form, the written complaint must include as much information as possible to assist in addressing the concern and must include a statement of action needed to resolve the matter.
  • The complaint form must be signed and dated by the student and must include a valid address and telephone number.
  • The Hallmark University Complaint form is available here.

A detailed description of this complaint/grievance procedure is available in the Hallmark University Catalog, which can be accessed here.

How to contact us:
Department of Student Affairs
9855 Westover Hills Blvd
San Antonio, TX. 78251