Nurses meeting at nurse station

New Students Begin the First Classes of Hallmark University’s BSN Program

In keeping with its commitment made in May, Hallmark University is proud to announce the official start of its new BSN program. This program will assist the United States to combat a national shortage of trained nurses that is handicapping our healthcare system.

Nursing programs in the U.S. are known for being extremely challenging for students to pass due to strict standards and benchmarks set by nursing school accreditors which have resulted in a high attrition rate nationwide. Hallmark University has a system set in place not only to assist students to succeed in their program but also to help them prepare for what lies ahead starting with day one.

“One of the best ways to decrease attrition and ensure success is to give a comprehensive orientation. To let them know what they are going to face and how to overcome it” said Dr. Gabriel Oluwakotanmi, Dean of Hallmark University’s School of Nursing, and Keynote Speaker for the upcoming 3rd Nursing World Conference in Rome, Italy. “Then when they get into the program, we make sure to keep monitoring them and talk with them. But ultimately it all depends on the students. If a student is willing to learn, then nobody can stop them.”

New students of Hallmark’s BSN program receive a personalized education, stemming from a unique curriculum delivery method which has resulted in Hallmark University’s high first-time NCLEX passing rate of nearly 90%. Hallmark’s nursing program also allows for more options to potential students, as the program doesn’t require incoming students to have prerequisites to enter. Hallmark’s nursing graduates quickly move into the healthcare industry and provide much-needed services to their patients and communities.

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