Character Distinction Graduates
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Graduates with Character Distinction at Hallmark University

Three graduates were recognized as the recipients of the Hallmark University Character Distinction Award during Hallmark University’s Spring Commencement Ceremony. Hallmark University’s Character Training Program was developed to refine a student’s character traits while receiving their education, resulting in graduates guided by strong ethical principles. The university recognizes students that go above and beyond what is required of them in the character program, as they demonstrate their understanding of great character in both their personal and professional lives.

One recipient, AAS A&P graduate Theodore Nokes, spoke about how important several of the character traits Hallmark develops are. “A lot of the traits that Hallmark defines are needed in order to be successful. You need integrity, you need dependability, service, everything. It all goes hand-in-hand with who you are as a person.” Theodore states that the training has helped him refine and build upon the traits that were instilled in him at a younger age. Theodore received the award due to his long-standing commitment to serve and improve his community.

BS in Business Management graduate Janie Delgado noted how valuable the training has been in her life when asked about her experience in the program. “These traits are something that I didn’t know I needed to have and didn’t think I would get with my degree. I need to know how to lead, to be agile, to work as a team. Communication is key and I need to be able to motivate myself and others. This program has been a great addition and has definitely helped me recognize how important it is to have these traits.” Despite life’s unexpected setbacks, Janie displayed her commitment to completing her college career and was chosen as a recipient for demonstrating what great character looks like.

“When I heard about the character traits, it reminded me of the military. The Air Force Core Values are integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all we do. So some of those core values fit into Hallmark Character Distinction,” said Derrick Miller-Middleton, AAS A&P graduate. “It was hard to transition out of the military into civilian life since it was so structured. I had a set schedule and needed to be here or there at a certain time, do this and that. Being taught more about agility at Hallmark has been a big help. I’ve become more flexible with my time to adjust more to my family’s schedule. Also with the small jobs that I’ve had, I was able to back off the military way and just make myself more flexible to my new employer.” Having not been exposed to some of Hallmark’s character traits, Derrick studied and acclimated himself to them as much as possible, and believes he exited the character training as a better man and more marketable person. For truly incorporating the character training in his life and displaying Hallmark’s Core Values, Derrick was awarded the Character Distinction Award.

When someone says you have good character, they express their opinion that your nature is defined by worthy traits like integrity, leadership, and dependability. By administering this award, Hallmark University definitively states these three graduates are living out these principles and showcase these traits in their daily lives. Hallmark University is proud to proclaim Theodore Nokes, Janie Delgado, and Derrick Miller-Middleton as recipients of the Character Distinction Award.

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