Why Hallmark?

Everything we do at Hallmark University revolves around our core values of integrity, excellence, efficiency and effectiveness. We distinguish ourselves through our commitment to innovative academic degree programs, our alignment with our industry partners, and the development of character in every student.

Student Success

At Hallmark University the success and individual needs of every student are always a top priority. Our curriculum was developed with you in mind, to help you change your life. We offer a variety of services to ensure our students succeed at school and their careers.
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Our tuition rates are lower than the majority of institutions in the state of Texas. Financial aid is available for those who qualify.

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Innovative Education Delivery

We utilize an intensive, objective-driven course delivery system focused on real-world industry needs to create a curriculum that is both fulfilling and relevant. Completion of an undergraduate degree at Hallmark takes little more than half the time of traditional higher education models.

Faster Education
We have engineered our programs to be delivered at a rapid pace. By utilizing compressed, objective-driven courses, a Hallmark student gains the opportunity to complete their education in close to half the time of a similar program at a traditional college or university.

Industry Alignment
It is part of our mission “To be the preferred industry provider of professional graduates pursuing professional careers,” and to achieve this mission we must build strong partnerships with the companies that are defining the technical and economic landscapes that define the key industries our graduates enter. As a result of this all of our programs are governed by an advisory committee comprised of representation from companies that both define these industries and hire our graduates.

Scenario Based Education
All of our courses are designed to include scenario-based components allowing an individual to apply the concepts they learn in an environment similar to that which they would experience in their career field.

Industry Certifications
In addition to graduating with the skills and degree necessary to enter a relevant career path, you will have the opportunity to achieve numerous industry certifications that can lead to higher compensation and a greater opportunity for success.

Student Engagement
The success and individual needs of every student are our top priority. Whether through our engaging curriculum, small class sizes, or our support services, we are here to guide students through challenges that extend beyond traditional academia.

Education Guarantee
At Hallmark University we understand how quickly technology can change; so to ensure the lasting success of our graduates we have established a Graduate Refresher program. This program allows a Hallmark graduate who desires a refresher or updated training to meet licensing, credential, and/or training requirements to be admitted to audit a desired course within two years of graduation. The refresher program is offered at no additional cost to the student and even permits a student to audit updated curriculum that corresponds with new technology or industry certification.


Hallmark is committed to developing the whole person, emphasizing integrity, dependability, leadership, service, stewardship, effective communication, and agility character traits.

A Hallmark graduate 1) exhibits self-control, 2) does the right and good thing regardless of who is watching or if it’s deserved, and 3) always seeks and speaks the truth to build and not tear down.

A Hallmark graduate leads by 1) doing more than the bare minimum required, 2) recognizing and identifying problems, 3) developing solutions to those problems, 4) working together as a team, and 5) bringing a positive attitude of success to every situation.

A Hallmark graduate leads with service to 1) the organization, 2) the industry, 3) the community & mankind.

A Hallmark graduate 1) efficiently recognizes all resources available and 2) effectively uses them to solve problems and produce results.

A Hallmark graduate 1) listens, 2) is considerate of different personalities and cultures, 3) resolves conflict, and 4) speaks and writes as an effective and persuasive communicator.

A Hallmark graduate always follows through with commitments by 1) showing up, 2) completing assignments on time, and 3) finishing school. Hallmark graduates never give up and do whatever it takes to achieve a goal.

A Hallmark graduate consistently pursues 1) new skills and 2) new solutions to the challenges his company, family, or organization face, always in the light of truth.