Hallmark Mission & Core Values


“We change individual lives by developing superior skills, knowledge, and character.”

Core Values

Hallmark University offers academic programs targeted at industries with strong demand for a highly skilled and professional workforce. Each program is developed collaboratively with industry through Program Advisory Committees to assure that graduates meet precise and valued criteria needed by the employer, including critical thinking and a foundation for life-long learning.

Pillars of Education

Hallmark University San Antonio Texas Nonprofit College pillars of education contributing to hallmark character
Hallmark University is built on three educational pillars; innovative academic degree programs, alignment to best service industry, and the development of character in every student. Carrying out the actions that comprise these pillars give support to our mission.

4 Areas, 1 Goal

Hallmark University San Antonio Texas Nonprofit College 4 areas of study with 1 goal
At Hallmark, we focus our Graduate and Undergraduate degrees on four key areas of study: Aeronautics, Business, Information Technology, & Healthcare. These four areas have been chosen because they will provide you with the best opportunity for success after you graduate. Each area offers a number of degrees that meet the current professional demand in San Antonio and around the United States. Our curriculum was developed with you in mind, to help you change your life.