A Classroom Built for Today's Student

One of the unique differentiators of the Hallmark University education experience is our integration of true, hands-on training in every program. To fulfill this objective, we are pursuing a vision of a modern classroom update. This modern classroom contains:

  • Innovative, touchscreen interactivity
  • Remote learning capabilities for online courses
  • Unique education delivery built to engage
  • Hands-On activities designed to teach course objectives

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HU classroom update mock 2018
Tech That Engages

Modern technology has paved the way for exciting new tools to be used in the classroom to better engage with the student. Through Surface Hub systems, students will be able to remote access their courses and video conference with an instructor.

Surface Hub Tech

The Surface Hub by Microsoft is a large, touchscreen computer with new technology for education.

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Remote Access

Students will be able to remotely access their courses through Blackboard and the Surface Hub.

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Video Conference

Students will be able to interface with their instructors and peers utilizing the HD webcam.

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Remote Learning

The interactive classroom capabilities extend outside of the normal classroom experience. With technology features like touchscreens and webcams, students at Hallmark will have a variety of tools to use in learning.

  • Boardroom-style classroom access
  • Webcam tutoring during instructor office hours
  • Live streaming seminars from industry partners
  • And much more
HU classroom update mock 2018
Opportunities for Financial Partnership

Once completed, the new interactive classrooms will be a valuable tool for Hallmark University in carrying out its mission. The project costs are entirely in equipment, as the university will utilize its own IT resources to install and set up the new classrooms. We are dedicated to the continuous search for effective, innovative, and leading-edge educational opportunities.

Sponsor A Classroom

There are multiple levels at which you can give. We would love to partner with you to offer unique naming opportunities for classroom space at Hallmark University so that our students and graduates can know who we are partnered with.


Mobile Cart: $9,000
Small Classroom: $24,000
Medium Classroom: $33,000
Large Classroom: $34,000

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Help us make change

Partner with us to make the new, interactive classrooms a reality for Hallmark University students, and pave the way for the next generation of graduates.

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