Making Cyber Education Accessible

Eastside CyberForce Prime is a program that is looking to make cyber education accessible to areas of San Antonio that might be lacking in cybersecurity development.

Cyber Is Booming In San Antonio

San Antonio has become the nation’s leader in cybersecurity outside Washington D.C. Because of the unique ecosystem in San Antonio, the city is poised for even more growth in the coming decades.

The goal is to bring together various components of this ecosystem, such as nearby cyber employers like Rackspace and the Downtown Tech District, and the deep potential talent in the young people of Eastside Cyberforce Prime to create a pipeline for an area of the city with no direct path to a cyber future.

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Partner with us to make Eastside CyberForce Prime a reality for Hallmark University students, and pave the way for the next generation of cyber warriors

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Opportunities For Financial Partnership

In order to offer this program at no charge to the students, we have sponsorship opportunities available for those that would like to see lives changed. Below is a list of needs that will be met with by your generous sponsorship:

  • Administrative Fees – $7,080
  • Books – $10,425
  • Instructor – $20,000
  • Certifications – $5,905
  • Facility – $7,500
  • Recruitment – $2,000

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Eastside CyberForce Prime Cost Pie Chart