Hallmark University’s 50th Anniversary

50th announcement imageThis year Hallmark University is celebrating a monumental achievement. We are excited to announce the 50th Anniversary of the founding of Hallmark University (then Hallmark Aero-Tech.) Founded in 1969 at Stinson Municipal airport by Richard Fessler, Hallmark was initially created to train aircraft technicians for a rapidly growing industry that the world heavily relies on. We have developed dramatically over the last five decades, adding new programs and degree offerings, and have seen the incredible ways our programs have changed the lives of our students and the San Antonio community. To share and celebrate 50 years of change, we are thrilled to use this year to tell the stories and achievements made by our students, faculty, and unique programs.

In the coming months, we will be sharing stories and videos that explore our rich history and the key individuals who have been an integral part of taking us to where we are today. Every area of study that we specialize and train in has a unique set of stories to share, from the creation of our degree programs to outstanding achievements made by our alumni. All of these stories will be hosted on our upcoming 50th Anniversary webpage, along with details for our upcoming events and celebrations!

We’re very excited for what’s to come during the rest of this year and are honored by the role everyone has played in getting us to this point. Stay tuned for our first series of stories and videos coming this next month!